to russia with love #2

Dear Aglaya, Hope all is well with you and that the canned sardines and wine bottle have arrived intact. I have tried my best to accommodate the bottle in a sturdy but cushioned box. I didn’t trust the box they gave me at the store so I decided to build my own from the wood of an old desk I decided I will no longer use. I stuffed the box with paper balls. In case you are curious, those are pages from my novel writing attempts. I will no longer attempt that. For starters, I would need a new desk….

to russia with love #1

Dear Aglaya, I hope all is well with you. It’s very cold. I always check the weather in Moscow before I think about how you are doing. I like to imagine your steps in the snow in the streets, and russian road rage all arround you, maybe Putin riding a bear flying right by, nuclear weapons shooting meteorites that explode all the time…  all i know from russia is from youtube, newspapers and russian literature of the XIXth century, so I am not sure it is a very accurate perception. I know that I am suffering from platonic love when…